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Shukyu, #5
Page 23

Shukyu, #5

Our latest look at a page 23 comes from the technology-themed fifth issue of Japanese football mag Shukyu.

We’ve championed Shukyu for some time; its mix of east and west in terms of both editorial design and content makes it a unique publication. It also manages a charming combination of geekiness and humour, refelcting the sport it covers. Following the controversial sending off of Juventus goalkeeper Gigi Buffon earlier this week for protesting about a referee’s penalty decision, this seemingly lightweight page 23 became suddenly relevant.

It’s the second of two pages depicting football players and coaches complaining to referees, each example based on real incidents and gently illustrated by City Boys FC – the keen fan will identify many of the characters portrayed. It’s a light-hearted, incidental page that expresses a passion for football just as strongly as the longer interviews in the issue.

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