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SPD guest posts

SPD guest posts

I’m guest editing the SPD Blog this week. Here’s an excerpt from my introduction:

‘To provide some structure to the week I’ll be asking “Where do magazines come from?” This question arises because few if any of the big publishers are launching new magazines at present, yet we receive several new magazines each week at magCulture. I’ve identified five common sources for these new publications and will share one of these each day. There'll be plenty of images, some succinct text and plenty of links for you to discover more. I hope you’ll see some things you’ve not seen before and that you’ll end the week as excited and intrigued by the magazines as I am.’

Monday 12 January: The maturing independents
Leading with The Gourmand and including Printed Pages and Wrap.

Tuesday 13 January: Digital discovers print
Leading with The Pitchfork Review and including The Recorder and Pineapple.

Wednesday 14 January: Client magazines
Leading with The Happy Reader, following up with Timberland and Pulp.

Thursday 15 January: Kickstarter campaigns
Leading with ourn own Fiera, and mentioning Print Isn’t Dead and HrdCvr.

Link to the full set of posts.

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