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Steven Gregor is best-known as the man behind Gym Class Magazine, the magazine about magazines and magazine makers that recently ended with its 15th edition. While he busies himself with his top secret post-GCM publishing project (shhh…), he continues to work as a freelance art director and has recently been responsible for some rather fine covers for The Guardian’s pocket-sized weekly The Guide.

Last weekend he directed this cover, working with illustrator Ben Lamb. If it seems familiar, it’s because it is a pastiche of a New York Times Magazine cover from last year (below).

New York cover

I think it’s a fascinating development, an honest homage using Steven’s love of and enthusiasm for magazines. It works in its own right but is open and unabashed about its provenance. — a natural development from the increasing exchange of front cover designs on sites like Coverjunkie and social media.

It also reflects the different budgets available each side of the Atlantic: the New York Times Magazine commissioned artist/Toilet Paper creative director Maurizio Cattelan to create the photo illustration with new shoots and heavyweight retouching. The Guide has to rely on a drawing.

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