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The magCulture online shop

The magCulture online shop

This morning I’ll be delivering the last magazine-packed envelopes to the local Post Office. Not because we’re stopping selling magazines, but because we’ve gone into partnership with iSubscribe to improve our online shop. They’ll be doing the mail-outs from now.

When I launched the shop a couple of year back it was just a couple of extra Wordpress pages tacked on to the main site; about eighteen months ago it moved to the Big Cartel platform to give a better presentation and a wider range. Today is another step change.

iSubscribe already offer a huge range of magazine subscriptions online, and this is their first move into single copy sales. They love magazines like we do, and are keen to support the independent sector.

The new shop site will be recognisable to regulars but will benefit from an improved service, in particular better postage rates and speedier deliveries. But the ethos will remain the same. It’ll continue to offer a small selection of the best magazines, based on our original starting point of helping readers get hold of magazines reviewed on the blog. Most will be the rarer, smaller magazines we love but there will still be the occasional mainstream title included too. As well as a few oddities and surprises.

We’ve also added a subscriptions section to the site, taking advantage of iSusbcribe’s speciality to offer subs to some of our favourite magazines.

Right now we’re in changeover mode, so you’ll find most of the titles are only available on pre-order. This will change over the next day or so as everything settles down. As with any change I’m keen to hear what you think.

New in the shop now:
Cereal #2 (read more here)
mono.kultur #33 Kim Gordon
(to be reviewed shortly)
Port #9
(edited by Daniel Day Lewis)

And thank you Ashley in SE14, who made the final Big Cartel order. Your magazine’s on its way.

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