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The Plant #12

The Plant #12

The latest issue of The Plant features a subtle redesign. Still quite recognisable – this is not a complete revolution – the pages are larger, the logo on the cover elegantly debossed, and the paper changed to an smooth, uncoated stock.

One of the potential pitfalls of uncoated paper is that it sucks all the ink off the surface and into the paper, dulling the images. But with the right print profiles and print management this can be avoided and the large pages of this twelfth issue are packed with deep colour and bold black and white images.

The shift is another positive step forward for the title, already a very popular indie. Highlights inside include a look back at Jeremy Deller’s gardening project Speak to The Earth, a history of Sofu Teshigahara’s school of Ikebana (Japanese flower art) and a selction of images by Scheltens & Abbenes of floating watering cans.

Another major highlight are the four spreads devoted to drawings by French designer-brothers the Bouroulles (above). They sit perefctly on the larger, matt pages of the new format.

If you’re in London later this week, join us for magCulture Meets The Plan; you can hear more about the redesign and pick up postcards of the Bouroulles’ images.

Editor-in-chief: Cristina Merino
Creative direction: Isabel Merino & Carol Montpart

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