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The Rise of Print

The Rise of Print

Here’s a complete run through of last weekend’s ‘Rise of Print’ exhibition that we curated as part of MagFest in Edinburgh. The exhibition featured 40 magazines – 30 international independents plus ten magazines showing the range of Scottish publishing.

We also produced a poster of the covers from the exhibition.
Click here to download a copy.

Green Soccer Journal, UK; Wax Poetics, US

Fire & Knives, UK; Hot Rum Cow, Scotland

Manzine, ‘The Drinkers Commonwealth of London, Pangourne and Berlin’; The Gentlewoman, UK

Postr, Belgium; The Big Issue, Scotland

Little White Lies, UK; The Arts Journal, Scotland

Anorak, UK; The Beano, Scotland

Oh Comely, UK; Der Wedding, Germany

Paris, Southern Hemisphere; DOR, Romania

The Drouth, Scotland; Victory Journal, US

’Sup, US; Put A Egg On It, US

The Shelf Journal, France; Pin-Up, US

Gratuitous Type, US; The Ride Journal, UK

John Muir Trust Journal, Scotland; Wrap, UK

Delayed Gratification, UK; The Gutter, Scotland

It’s Nice That, UK; Port, UK

Aurora, Scotland; Outpost Journal, US

mono.kultur, Germany; La Mas Bella, Spain

Unflitered, Scotland; Sneaker Freaker, Australia

Urban Realm, Scotland; Boat, UK

Brownbook, Dubai; Esopus, US

More about the MagFest weekend here.

The exhibition was conceived and curated by Jeremy Leslie and Andrew Losowsky for magCulture. Thanks to Kathy and Claire at PPA Scotland for inviting us to participate, and to all the magazines for their help in preparing the show.

If you’re interested in holding your own local version of ‘The Rise of Print’ please email jeremy.leslie (at)

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