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Theseus Chan, creative director

Theseus Chan, creative director

Singapore designer Theseus Chan is best known globally for his self-published magazine Werk, a tour-de-force of graphic technique that often uses hands-on intervention to personalise each copy. At home he is regarded as the godfather of Singapore graphic design, his influence on a new generation of designers hugely important to his country’s new creative ambitions.


We asked Theseus to select an old magazine, a new magazine, and one other thing from his personal collection of publications. He also sent us this self portrait.



An old issue: RayGun, September 1994
Cannot say enough how this have inspired me to do "broken" graphic design. Raygun do the things I love - music, skate culture, typography and breaking down design rules. This cover is particularly cryptic as it says Bible, Jesus and End of Print. Designed by David Carson.




A new issue: ZEITmagazin, 1 September 2016
ZEITmagazin send me these weekly and I enjoy every single issue. The cover designs, typography, photographs and illustrations are always beautiful. I just wish I can read German. Naomi Campbell was huge in the 90s and it is just sheer coincidence this is the latest ZEIT with her on the cover on my desk this morning when I was putting this together. I love Naomi, Kate and Linda.



And another thing: The All West Containers stamp on Emigré mailing boxes
That was back in 1994 again, and still fresh today. All the hype today is about minimalism, but then like fashion it always comes back. Emigré is one magazine that was borne out of total regard for typography and layout. It was designed by Rudy VanderLans, but I always wondered who designed the stamp on the packaging boxes used to mail the magazines (below).


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