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Ahead of magCulture’s Modern Magazine conference on 27 October, we’ll be running a new series every Monday morning that’ll momentarily replace our weekly ‘At work with’ feature.

‘This week in’ asks the magazine makers speaking at this year’s conference to select a feature or article from their current issue that speaks to the title more generally. First up, we’re chatting with Kirsten Algera, editor-in-chief of the Dutch design and craft magazine MacGuffin. The much-anticipated issue three takes ‘The Rope’ as its theme.


Kirsten chose this spread from the new issue.

MacGuffin is all about behind-the-scenes stories about design & crafts. This spread is a good example of this love for “the other side of design”. We visited Dutch designer Bertjan Pot in his studio, and were amazed by the hundreds of weaving and rope experiments he made as a sort of three-dimensional sketches. It took us a whole day to select ten of these “thought models” for the ten pages we had available. Pot’s way of working is extremely time-consuming, almost “back to front”. This focus on thinking through making is something we feel extremely connected to. Like Bertjan Pot, we like to use detours and serendipity to make a magazine that doesn’t show end results, but processes and collateral catches.’


At ModMag16, Kirsten Algera will be introducing the ideas behind macGuffin and talking through the latest issue.

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