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Tom Tom Mag #28
Cover story

Tom Tom Mag #28

Tom Tom - the mag for female drummers and readers interested in the intersection of music and feminism - has just released its latest issue, themed money. With the new release comes a much-needed logo redesign; instead of the previously cursive and tricky to decipher title, we’ve now got something a lot more bold and emphatic. It matches the mag’s punchy raison-de-etre; the design is hard-hitting like the beats of a drum.


The update reminds me a bit of the recently launched Electronic Sound, itself a move away from that quite tired music mag sensibility towards an aesthetic drawing from the newer crop of indie titles instead. When I look at this cover of Tom Tom Mag with its gold 90’s prom background, I see the influence of Buffalo Zine, Marfa Journal and maybe a hint of Mushpit too.


The only thing that doesn’t quite work is that on this cover, a drum is hidden behind the logo; it misses a beat ever so slightly…. Other than that, the new logo and art direction is a welcome change.

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