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Watch magCulture Live Online
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Watch magCulture Live Online

Following the success of our first magCulture Live Online event, we’re now offering the chance to view a video of the 2.5 hour webinar.

During the event, which too place on Friday 29 May, five speakers addressed how magazines and magazine makers have responded to the coronavirus pandemic. The video covers the whole event and is available through Vimeo on Demand. We’re charging $6 – all income will be donated to health charities in London and New York.

The speakers
In order of appearance:

Jaap Biemans
Founder, (Amsterdam)
Jaap is art director of the weekly magazine for the Volkskrant newspaper; alongside this he curates the Coverjunkie website, sharing the best magazine covers from across the world. He talked with Jeremy Leslie about the international visual response to the various stages of the pandemic, sahring examples and themes.

Max Siedentopf
Creative director, Ordinary & Toiletpapa (London)
Max introduced his publishing work and shared personal work created in response to the lockdown.

Martha Dillon
Editor, It’s Freezing in LA! (London)
Despite Covid-19 and its effects, climate change remains our biggest challenge. Martha presented the recent fifth issue of IFLA! and discussed what climate change and the pandemic mean together.

Pann Lim
Creative director, Rubbish FAMzine (Singapore)
Pann talked through the nine issues of Rubbish FAMzine, a unique collaborative project created by him and his family. He also spoke about the inspirations he’s rediscovered while quarantined at home.

Gail Bichler
Design director, The New York Times Magazine (New York)
Since lockdown, Gail and her award-winning NYTMagazine team have produced a series of weekly issues examining every aspect of the pandemic. She shares this work – especially some remarkable photo-reportage – and discusses collaboration while working from home.

Host: Jeremy Leslie

The editor of The Big Issue, Paul McNamee, also contributes a video about how his magazine has had to rewrite its business model due to the pandemic.

Please note this is an unedited video of a live event, an experiment that tested our internet bandwidth with some of the video material shared. But the speakers all deliver insight into their work so we’re delighted to expand its reach and in the process raise a bit more money for charity.

Order the magCulture Live Online video

One video which had to be dropped from the live event was a contribution from our friends at New York magazine shop Casa Magazines. You can watch Mohamed and Ali share their passion for magazines in the video below. Support their crowdfunding campaign here.

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