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Unseen Projects, #1,2,3, & 4
Out now

Unseen Projects, #1,2,3, & 4

This new series of mini-magazines features unpublished/ rediscovered work by one artist per edition.

Each issue of Unseen Projects is a collaboration between UK studio c–ll–ct–v–ly and the subject; beautifully produced, they are designed by art director Mark Leeds and printed on GFSmith paper by With Print.

Reminiscent of mono.kultur, each edition is A5 and 16 pages long, with cut down pages and other inserted elements. They are simple and focused, the first four showing off the work of an infographic designer, an illustrator and two photographers and each bookended by a brief interview with its subject. Unlike mono.kultur, the focus is the artist’s work rather than the person.

Issue one presents an A–Z of work culled from 40 years of work by designer Peter Grundy, who along with long term collabortor Tilly Northedge set the tone for modern infographics.

Issue two goes hi-tech with Christoffer Rudquist’s bleached out photography of robots in action and in ‘portrait’ mode.

The third issue showcases three still life shoots by photographer Aaron Tilley: a set based on the sense of taste, another of a turbulent dinner setting, and finally frozen diamonds.

Number four sees 3D illustrator Kyle Bean show off his working process via three ‘recipes’ as he makes a pesto dish, tofu ramen and a burger.

All four issues perfectly reflect their subjects and content, delivering a bite size introduction to the artist’s work that will build into a very collectible series.

We’ve seen a few design-focused mini-magazines like this recently. All are a pleasing alternative to traditional hefty monographs. Who needs an over-stretched record of every piece of work when Unseen Projects can give you a 16-page taster for £5?

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