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Zeit Magazine International/ Spring-Summer 2019
Cover story

Zeit Magazine International/ Spring-Summer 2019

We’ve returned to London to find plenty of new mags awaiting us, including the new SS19 issue of biannual ZeitMagazin International. We’re delighted to have a shout-out in the editorial by Christoph Amend, and are excited to have copies of the 1000-run limited edition cover available on our shop.

The pastel-toned map marks a distinct departure from Zeit’s traditionally portrait-based cover, and I had to look twice before realising why the instantly-recognisable map of Europe looked a bit disconcerting. Simply by flipping the map upside down and inverting the country names, creative director Mirko Borsche has created a cover that makes a huge statement, with minimal fuss, backed up by the clever byline ‘What’s Up, Europe?’.

The inversion is emphasised by the magazine’s traditional second cover, which features the same map with the Zeit masthead and coverline inverted so they match the correct map orientation (above).

The usually prominent tagline ‘The Berlin State of Mind’ has been changed to ‘The European State of Mind’ and indicates the feeling of loss and uncertainty characterising this compilation of the strongest content from the previous three months of the German weekly. This issue went to print when it was still uncertain whether or not the UK would leave the EU at the end of March, but it strikes the right balance between business as usual and lamenting the broken state of the union. We’ve written before about the game-changer that was the launch of Zeit International, allowing those of us who don’t read German to access this excellent publication, but this is definitely an issue not to miss.

Editor: Christoph Amend
Creative director: Mirko Borsche
Art director: Jasmin Müller-Stoy

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