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Bite Me #3
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Bite Me #3

Here’s a magazine of few words but many mouths. It’s got mouths with big lips, mouths with sharp teeth and mouths with lolling, Rolling Stone tongues. ‘Mouth’ is a good theme for a predominantly visual art and photo magazine because smiles and frowns are so expressive. Mouths literally speak for us – and that’s the idea that issue three of Bite Me so vigorously explores.



Since it’s aptly named ‘Bite Me’ and each issue is themed a different body part, it’s about time that Hong Kong-based editor Katrina Tran and art director Jason Schlabach decide to do an issue all about the mouth. The whole thing is deliciously tongue-and-cheek right from the start, especially the way that the swirling rainbow tongue that’s cut out from the cover (above) transforms into an even more whimsical image when you turn the page (also above).

If you saw issues one (the butt) and two (hair), you’ll know the format well – spanning the 128 pages are a host of colourful, imaginative and often playful visual responses to the theme, which have been created by different image-makers and contributors.



Responses are varied: there’s everything from a gruesome head dress with sharp jaws by fashion designer Savannah Wyatt (above) to bright and lurid photography by Adrian Mesko (also above) and Linder’s seventies punk collages (below). It’s a visual feast, so dig in.

IMG_4980IMG_4979 IMG_4981

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