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Dadich returns to Wired

Dadich returns to Wired

Scott Dadich, who made his name as creative director on Wired between 2006 and 2010, is to return to the magazine as Editor-in-chief.

Following his collaboration with Adobe on the development of the Wired iPad app, one of the first magazine apps, Dadich continued to work with Adobe to develop the production process into a commercial add-on to inDesign (later to become DPS), and since 2010 he has been leading the development of Condé Nast’s iPad and iPhone publishing programme as Vice President, Editorial Platforms and Design.

The move makes sense for Wired. Since his departure the magazine has felt rudderless. That’s not a comment on his design successor Brandon Kavulla, more on the situation as a whole. The magazine seemed to find its true self during his time there – issues of this period were must-reads and arguably, even while creative director, Dadich was de facto editor. Particularly on later issues such as the special Mystery edition (May 2009), where Dadich collaborated with guest editor TV/movie writer J.J Abrams, it felt like he had complete control. On arrival at the magazine he filled a vacuum; on leaving he left that vacuum behind him. Now he will fill it again.

We can look forward, then, to a revived Wired. But where does this leave Condé Nast’s tablet/mobilepublishing programme?

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