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Diner Journal

Diner Journal

I discovered Diner Journal via Ralph at Put a Egg On It when we had a coffee at Brooklyn’s Marlow and Sons, one of several restaurants owned by Andrew Tarlow, who also publishes Diner Journal three times a year. I picked up a few issues, but this one attracted my attention for its wit. Published back in 2010, this 16th edition of the mag is the ‘How to’ issue, and offers brief guides to a variety of food- and non-food- related techniques. These range from specific dishes, via whole meals, to tangential things like making a mixtape. The design jumps around too, and although six years old still feels sharp.

IMG_3805IMG_3807 IMG_3808 IMG_3809 IMG_3810


But the highlight for me is the opening ‘How to’ advice... How to Journal, above. It’s a lighthearted run through the team’s editorial process that will be familiar to anyone making magazines. Click image to see it larger.

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