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Eight by Eight #11
Page 23

Eight by Eight #11

If there’s any doubt about the differences between US and British magazine design, look no further than the brand new issue of US soccer mag Eight by Eight.

Edited, designed and published from Brooklyn by ex-pat Brit Robert Priest and colleague Grace Lee, it takes football by the scruff of its neck and reinvents it in the American vernacular.

Priest and Lee are veterans of the New York magazine industry, and their aesthetic is generously displayed throughout the issue. Promising ‘The beautiful magazine the beautiful game deserves,’ recent portraiture mixes with archive imagery and plenty of vivid, colourful illustration. But the glue that holds it all together is the flambouyant typography, as seen here on our latest page 23.

Opposite a full page illustration by Ben Kirchner, the headline ‘Not That Ronaldo’ is enforced by a dramatic 3D yellow cross emphasising the ‘Not.’ Such boldly decorative typography is something you just don’t see outside US magazines, and it’s fascinating seeing it applied in the context of non-American subject matter, filling the page with colour and process-orientated design touches.

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