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EyeEm, 6
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EyeEm, 6

Yesterday we looked at the new issue of Picnic, a publication of loosely connected stock images. Today, we look at a magazine that explores what could become more prevalent than traditional stock imagery in the future: photographs bought from photo sharing communities that also function as marketplaces.

Berlin-based start-up EyeEm has exactly this business model: pictures that users upload on a platform similar to Instagram are sold through companies like gettyimages. The profit is then split between the start-up and the person who shot the image. The company’s brand magazine, also called EyeEm, presents a selection of photographs taken by users in each issue. It boldly defines itself as a publication ‘of real photography’.

The latest issue continues to be bold in the way that it describes itself. EyeEm Volume IV is ‘the world’s first magazine curated by a machine using advanced image recognition algorithm’. Entitled ‘Machina’, the issue’s algorithm has selected the 77 photographers out of the 18 million EyeEm users that it determines create the most beautiful work. The slideshow above shows some examples of what it’s calculated to be the most aesthetically captivating.

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