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Magazine of the Week: Look Lateral
Magazine of the week

Magazine of the Week: Look Lateral

Here’s a magazine that deserves late attention here despite first being published in 2013. Look Lateral is an Anglo-Italian bilingual art mag that is beautifully produced, has a strong design direction and a unique editorial structure.

First, the production. At 165 x 230mm it’s a small size, but the choices of paper – the cover uses one of those soft-feeling, almost furry, papers that carry flat colour really well – make it feel special, as does the sprayed black page edges. As will already be clear from the pictures, there’s a powerful use of a flouro pink throughout. Again, this sits really well on the matt paper and works well on gradient fades (above).

The layout is powerful, with bold capitalised words contrasting with the delicate serif text. The two languages sit next to each other – English in roman, Italian in italic – the flouro words spread across the (sometimes) awkward white spaces that result. These describe the content, a visual navigation device that works really well throughout the 196 pages. Some editors I know might resist the extreme word breaks employed to make this work, but they make a really strong visual statement that holds the magazine together and justifies the breaks.

And the editorial structure? It’s a simple 24-hour clock, suggesting things to do during a (long) day. The issue starts at 7am in Milwaukee Art Museum, and we travel through a day via Brighton, New York, Tel Aviv, Berlin etc, ending in Tanzania at midnight.

It’s a beautiful piece of print, published from Italy and developed from a website of the same name.

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