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magRush 03: Dodo
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magRush 03: Dodo

Dodo first came to attention as a one-off publication hidden at the end of a treasure hunt. I never quite got my head round that, but I guess it was a publicity drive for the actual magazine. Billed as ‘Your own private haunted house’ this is a kids magazine packed with an extraordinary mix of things, from comic strips to weird recipes (published for Halloween it features another brain cake, the last for today, I promise!) via longer written stories about failing themeparks and deadly mushrooms. Aimed at a post-Anorak age group, I’m not sure how well-focused it is but it’s a visual treat, one of those magazines with something new to find every visit. The issue is split in half with a flipped cover (side A and Side B, nicely old school) and a pull-out poster of a dodo.

Comic by Salaocoboi

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