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Okido #42
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Okido #42

We’re gently slipping into holiday mode here at magCulture. Following our trip to Portugal yesterday, today we look at London-based Okido, an ideal travel distraction for kids aged three to eight years old.


Okido appears every two months and focuses on art and science for that young age group; as such it straddles Anorak and Dot’s target audiences. It shares a love of illustration with those titles, but has extra ammunition in its use of photography to help explain the (very) basics of art (above, images of paintings by Turner) and science (below, a guide to making a paper boat using the supplied pattern).



The issue also has a cut-out set of coloured fishes to play a game with (above); the extra-sized insert for this breaks out of the publication’s normal square format. It’s difficult to avoid comparing it with Anorak, but it sits nicely alongside that favourite with enough differences to make it complementary.

It’s great to have a range of titles available for kids that stretch beyond the usual Disney/TV branded merchandising cliché, although in a curious turnaround on that, Okido recently launched its own TV show based on the character Messy (below), first drawn by Okido co-founder and illustrator Rachel Ortas.


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