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Out now: Herself #8
Out now

Out now: Herself #8

Herself returns with a fine eighth issue, resolving the one flaw in its otherwise extraordinary creative concept. Sometimes let down by its front covers, with this issue the covers – their are four different ones – perfectly set up the reader for the absurd world to be found inside the magazine.

HERSELF_Issue_8_Cover_1_Back_Issues HERSELF_Issue_8_Cover_4_Back_Issues HERSELF_Issue_8_Cover_3_Back_Issues
Subtitled ‘The Herself Issue,’ the covers reflect todays selfie culture, with a series of images featuring imagined editor Lula rendered in hi-def 3D modelling by artist Warner McGee. They take the characterisation familiar from earlier issues a step further into a photo-realism that matches the hi-gloss of the cover finish and sets the scene perfectly for the fashion fun inside: a Photoshopped mix of drawing and collage showing the season’s fashions in its own unique way, with Lula appearing on page after page in all her Disney-Manga-esque glory. Herself’s world is a strange, fantastical space that is produced with such confidence and gusto that it convinces despite verging on the crazy.

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