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Reportagen #21
Cover story

Reportagen #21

is an independent Swiss magazine that brings you swift, short and enticing reports from around the world (written in German). The book-sized publication always boasts a bright, typographic cover, with text laid out like a traditional pamphlet – almost a contents page. Infographics and fun cartoons abound, and in the recent bright green issue 21 we were particularly taken by a pig illustration by Claudia Blum.

The cartoon sausage dog (or rather sausage pig) graces all 14 pages of a piece about Bosnian agriculture, stretching along the bottom of the layout with small changes occurring depending on what’s going on in the essay. The cartoon is a good example of the way that illustration and design can combine to give long-form stretches of text a playful dimension, without being overly distracting or taking up too much room on the page.

Reportagen_4 Reportagen_5
Art direction by Marc Kappeler and Ruth Amstutz, design by Dominik Huber.

Review by Madeleine Morley

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