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Shoplifters #9, Drawing
Out now

Shoplifters #9, Drawing

We’ve been looking at a number of magazines made for reading on the Journal recently; now, here’s an antidote to that wordy selection, from US publisher Actual Source.

The nineteenth issue of Shoplifters is a 530+ page collection of drawings. No theme or idea holds the issue together, but the selection of contributors takes care of that. The carefully selected artists have their work presented alphabetically, with work ranging from the rough, hand drawn pieces by Jordan Awan to the vivid, meticulously-crafted software driven work of Raisa Alava. Big names like Milton Glaser and Geoff McFetridge pop up too.

Shoplifters is a fascinating project. Issue eight collected together the best recent typefaces, a similarly simple, satisfying idea that was as notable for its curation as its presentation. That issue has also been reissued with a few additions.

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