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Marfa #21

 200 mm x 240 mm, 300+ pages
London, UK
Marfeditor-in-chief: Alexandra Gordienko
Marfart: Julia Monsell

Contemporary high end fashion and art journal Marfa returns for the summer, with this latest issue themed 'Is my child stupid?’—a nod to the team's summer reading, the  eponymous book by Peter Lawrence (which you can spot in the colophon). 

‘Filled with delights‘ from the likes of Claudia Winkleman, Johnny Dufort, Makram Bitar, Vanessa Reid, Max Pearmain, Emma Wyman, Jawara Alleyne, Alexandra Gordienko, Senta Simond, Lena Dunham and more, with a selection of gelato-coloured covers to choose from.

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