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Rebel Roots #2

147 x 210 mm, 96 pages
Barcelona, Spain (English-language)
First published 2023
Editors: Lucas Del Tejo Gómez and Alison Golcher Stone
Art direction: AGOSTO Studio

'Your Plant-First Zine'

Petite and playful, Rebel Roots explores the ever-growing world of plant-based cuisine, with stories that ‘aim to inspire your creativity in the kitchen, foster a deeper appreciation for seasonal ingredients, and provide you with practical tools to incorporate them into your daily life.’ Each issue focuses on a single ingredient—first came the tomato, followed by the pumpkin—and for this third issue, the team turn to the perennially popular mushroom. 

Issue 2 is all about The Pumpkin, dedicated to autumnal pieces about the history and traditions behind this fruit. Find out the latin origins of the pumpkin, the tale of the Jack O' Lantern and even how to grow your own squash. Plus, a featured write-up on She Bistro, a hidden gem in Barcelona that is focused on changing lives of women. Accompanied by punny hand scrawled illustrations and wholesome recipes throughout.

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