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Aesthetica #119

215 x 278 mm, 146 pages
York, UK
Editor: Cherie Federico
Designer: Matt Glasby

Produced in the (glorious) north of England, Aesthetica offers a non London-centric view of art, design, photography and general culture. The June/July 2024 issue is themed Into Focus, arguing that 'ideas and inspiration are the lifeblood of creativity.’ 

Inside, Do Ho Suh recreates childhood homes through translucent fabrics, Joanna Vestey captures fragments of UK woodland, Mackenzie Calle's work speaks to a history of homophobia at NASA, and a series of portraits by Jonas Hafner, one of which makes this issue's cover. 

On the Journal:
‘We look for ‘art’ in the broadest sense, featuring works that are both visually engaging and conceptually or culturally important. There are layers to the images and pieces that we publish, all with ties to a rapidly changing world, from the climate crisis to conversations around social justice’ – Kate Simpson, Associate editor.

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