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Manner #5

210 mm x 275 mm, 306 pages
Milan, Italy (English-language)
First published 2019
Editor: Moreno Galata
Creative direction and design: Bordel Studio

A slightly enigmatic biannual from Milan (its masthead this issue embossed on the back cover), the glossy pages of Manner offer a pared back look at fashion, photography and art. Its restrained design mixes tiny typographic gestures with plenty of white space, allowing the images to breath alongside a single interview in the middle—London-based jewellery designer Andrew Bunney for this fifth issue. 

While there's little to glean from the theme of Issue five, ‘La Grande Bouffe’ (aka The Big Feast), you may get a sense of the tone from a small inscription on the spine: ‘Serve hot, like an unexpected slap. Eat more, and then some. Die.’

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