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Merde, Special Project #6: Pride Zine

220 x 330 mm, 82 pages
Paris, France (English & French-language)
Creative director and editor-in-chief: Molly Apple 
Editor: Victoria Nergaard, Chloe Zofia
Graphic design: Willi Sachdeva

Every once in awhile, Parisian satirical, anti-fashion magazine Merde cooks up a special, limited edition project zines. The sixth edition is their first ever Pride Zine and features musician and activist Love Bailey on the cover.

Find inside: bright and bold photo editorials, queer stories from around the world, and features of artists like Samuel de Saboia, E.R. Fightmaster, Tommi Aura, and Shea Couleé.

Only 99 copies printed for this special limited run.

Sorry, not enough stock!