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Mousse #87

237 x 325mm, 300 pages
Milan, Italy (Italian and English-language)
Quarterly since 2006
Editors: Chiara Moioli and Antonio Scoccimarro
Art director: Francesco Valtolina

Large-format Mousse gives a platform to international criticism of contemporary culture, commissioning essays and artwork each issue.

Silver for Spring 2024, this issue opens with a Survey of the animal-centric work of German-Iraqi sculptor Lin May Saeed, followed by an excerpt from Macarena Gómez-Barris' upcoming novel Atacama, Tidbits featuring Xavier Robles de Medina, Monia Ben Hamouda, Lenio Kaklea, Cihad Caner and more, plus Samia Henni on this issue's Thinker, Franz Fanon, and Gina Folly's floating cow pavilion in Rotterdam.  

As usual, you have the choice between a typographic cover or one featuring a piece of work from the surveyed artist; Lin May Saeed's Ankunft de Tiere III / Arrival of the Animals III, 2019.

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