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Noble Rot #35

170 x 230 mm, 116 pages
London, UK
Editors: Dan Keeling & Mark Andrew
Art director: Dan Keeling
Design: All Purpose Studio

From the people behind the eponymous London wine bar and restaurants comes the magazine that started it all. After 10 years and over 30 print issues, Noble Rot is arguably still the indie wine magazine, rewriting the rules of wine coverage.

Famed footballer and Master Sommelier Gary Lineker shares a big laugh on the cover of the latest issue. Inside he talks about his career, his commitment to social justice, and his preference for Bordeaux. In addition to this great interview, natural wine icon Pierre Overnoy throws a party, Noble Rot eats and drinks its way through Melbourne, aioli dominates all other condiments, and California defends its volatile winemaking cycle. 

On the Journal:
Our At Work With interview with the Noble Rot editors.

Editor Dan Keeling discusses the relationship between magazine and wine bar on the magCulture Podcast episode 27. 

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