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Overmatter: 30.03.15

Overmatter: 30.03.15

Vice launches its UK election coverage… ‘It’s going to be the most anarchic election in living memory. It would be a shame to have to cover it in the same grey, old boring way’.

The Economist is to launch a film studio, ‘a priority for the company, from the board and CEO downwards’…

…as well as one of the first Apple Watch apps.

Hole & Corner’s crowdfunding campaign continues; with ten days to go they need your support!

Alec at Intern reflects on print and digital following an appearance at a Barcelona digital conference.

Loaded closes – who knew it was still around? – bringing an end to a particular moment in publishing.

Listen to the It’s Nice That team talking magazines in the second half of their weekly podcast… and Steve Watson and Danielle Pender on last weekend’s The Stack no135. Essential balm your magaholic ears!

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